Monday, January 17, 2011

Module XML::TreePP::Editor verison 0.12 released

Version 0.12 of the XML::TreePP::Editor PERL module is released on CPAN.

It can be downloaded from the project web site, , or from CPAN, .

This module is used to edit an XML::TreePP parsed XML Document, using XML::TreePP::XMLPath .

This version replaces the use of the Data::Dump module with Data::Dumper.
In the latest version of PERL (5.12.2 tested) the eval function does not like unquoted HASH keys which begin with the dash "-". Thus, the test cases broke with this version of PERL. Data::Dump does not quote the hash key, so its use was replaced with Data::Dumper which does quote the hash key. It is used to clone XML structures.
The XML::TreePP module uses the dash "-" as default (configurable to optionally use "@" instead of "-") to indicate attributes of XML elements. So the XML string "is represented in PERL structure as "{ element => { -attribute => 'value' } }" with Data::Dump, and as "{ element => { '-attribute' => 'value' } }" with Data::Dumper .

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