Thursday, July 2, 2009

MPP Web Service released

The MPP Web Service and Web Client is currently released as gamma. It provides a Web 2.0 interface to MPP cache files. The polling daemon currently keeps monitoring data current in the cache, and the Web Service makes the results, currently as read-only, available to any Web 2.0 able client via REST.

A Web 2.0 Client dashboard is bundled with the Web Service. The Web Client uses XSLT to transform the MPP data into an initial dashboard, and JSON to keep monitored objects in the dashboard updated from the Web Service.

Both Web Service and Client use XML::TreePP and XML::TreePP::XMLPath, the later module which makes any PERL hash/array ref structure accessible via an XPath-like accessor methodology.

The Web Service will be merged into the MPP core at a later date when it matures.

MPP is available on CodePin: