Monday, February 28, 2011

WIU's Blackboard 8 CAS Custom Auth Module, Available, free and open source

Just Released: Blackboard 8+ CAS SSO Custom Authentication Module, from Western Illinois University.

This CAS SSO Module for Blackboard 8+ is intended to replace the previous CAS SSO authentication module for WebCT Vista 4+ once made available at, and later moved in 2007 to the project space on Oscelot GForge at

This module is a complete rewrite of its predecessor. It is a complete Maven 2 project with the following features:

  1. Supports CAS 2.0 and CAS 1.0 protocols. This is configurable via the module's configuration page in Blackboard.
  2. Supports a Nulled Trust Manager configuration. This is, SSL Cert CA Trust can be turned off or on via the module's configuration page in Blackboard.
  3. Provides for an audit log via Blackboard's Log4j configuration. Every user-attempted authentication via the module can be logged. Since it is implemented via Log4j, the audit messages can be logged to a database, or remote logging server.
  4. The cas-client subproject, used by the module, is a minimal CAS client library that can be used in any Java application to help with managing validation with a CAS server. It does not require any 3rd-party library dependencies.
  5. Though not tested, the module should also work in WebCT 4.2.1

Source code and compiled binaries are available for download from the project's web site. A complete installation guide is also available online.

This Blackboard 8.0 CAS SSO Custom Authentication Module is created, distributed, and supported by Western Illinois University.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Module XML::TreePP::XMLPath verison 0.63 released

Version 0.63 of the XML::TreePP::XMLPath PERL module is released on CPAN.

It can be downloaded from the project web site, , or from CPAN, .

This release fixes a bug exposed in PERL 5.13.1 and higher regarding the sharing of local variables with a sub reference. Replaces the Data::Dump module with Data::Dumper for cloning XML Structures. Data::Dumper quotes hash keys, which is less problimatic in Perl 5.13.1 and higher.

Module XML::TreePP::Editor verison 0.12 released

Version 0.12 of the XML::TreePP::Editor PERL module is released on CPAN.

It can be downloaded from the project web site, , or from CPAN, .

This module is used to edit an XML::TreePP parsed XML Document, using XML::TreePP::XMLPath .

This version replaces the use of the Data::Dump module with Data::Dumper.
In the latest version of PERL (5.12.2 tested) the eval function does not like unquoted HASH keys which begin with the dash "-". Thus, the test cases broke with this version of PERL. Data::Dump does not quote the hash key, so its use was replaced with Data::Dumper which does quote the hash key. It is used to clone XML structures.
The XML::TreePP module uses the dash "-" as default (configurable to optionally use "@" instead of "-") to indicate attributes of XML elements. So the XML string "is represented in PERL structure as "{ element => { -attribute => 'value' } }" with Data::Dump, and as "{ element => { '-attribute' => 'value' } }" with Data::Dumper .