Friday, May 15, 2009

Module XML::TreePP::XMLPath verison 0.52 released

I finished and pushed up to CPAN version 0.52 of my XML::TreePP::XMLPath PERL module.

It can be downloaded from the project web site, , or from CPAN, .

This version has much better XPath-like filtering support, and the next version, 0.53 (already in progress), will be the basis of future ground breaking PERL modules. XML::TreePP::XMLPath will also be used to satisfy the complex configuration need of the MPP application ( Work on his module, and others yet to be published, is one of the main reasons why development of the next version of MPP has been stalled.

XML::TreePP::XMLPath is a pure PERL module to compliment the pure PERL XML::TreePP
module. XMLPath may be similar to XPath, and it does attempt to conform to the
XPath standard when possible, but it is far from being fully XPath compliant.

Its purpose is to implement an XPath-like accessor methodology to nodes in a
XML::TreePP parsed XML Document. In contrast, XPath is an accessor methodology
to nodes in an unparsed (or raw) XML Document.

The advantage of using XML::TreePP::XMLPath over any other PERL implementation
of XPath is that XML::TreePP::XMLPath is an accessor to XML::TreePP parsed
XML Documents. If you are already using XML::TreePP to parse XML, you can use
XML::TreePP::XMLPath to access nodes inside that parsed XML Document without
having to convert it into a raw XML Document.