Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

New PERL Modules released

Two new PERL modules have been released.
  • Getopt::XML
  • XML::TreePP::XMLPath
These modules were created in the process of developing other CodePin hosted software projects. They ease the use of XML in configuring an application.

In particular, XML::TreePP::XMLPath (which is NOT Xpath) is created to access XML data at a Subtree level. And Getopt::XML is a wrapper for Getopt::Long to allow for default values of parameters to be inputed into an application as XML. Getopt::XML uses XML::TreePP::XMLPath for accessing the XML data at a subtree level.

So in brief, a programmer can use these modules to have the default values of parameters defined in an XML document, writing that the default values are located at a certain path of the XML document, and then allow those default values to be overwritten by user inputted parameter values.

The modules were written to be general and roundly useful. They are available through a subversion checkout, and as a download.

The PERL Modules are available on CodePin: