Saturday, February 21, 2009

Geronimo Enterprise & Clustering

Over the past several months myself and a colleague have been working on code we will contribute back to Apache Geronimo to provide additional needed functionality when deploying Geronimo in the Enterprise and in a Cluster distributed across separated LANs.

Project 1 code is two fold in improving Logging. One java class implements Jetty's RequestLog interface using Logback in the implementation. The other java class implements the same interface using Log4j.

Both classes provides the abilty to logging Request Logs (Access logs) to Log Appenders, like Socket, SNMP, JMS, and syslog, among many options.

Project 2 code, which is being tested now, adds an additional option to Geronimo's Plugin Based Farming so that installed Geronimo instances on more than one separated LAN can participate together.

The current mechanism is to use Multicast for clustered node communication. My colleague has implemented an additional optional method that performs unicast to a Geronimo instance configured on another LAN to relay (like a bridge) the multicast traffic.

Project responsibilities with our employer slows us down, but expect to see the code contributed within the next month or two. If you want to know the status, listen in on the Geronimo mailling lists - we are chatting about it there as we progress.

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